Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Understanding Concepts of Link building

Link building can be done in several ways. We will list and discuss all these ways in detail.

Before starting our discussion let us know why link building is necessary for your website or blog.

Now as you are aware of importance of link building, lets see the different ways of achieving it:

1) Forum Posting:

Forum posting is very much popular for search engine optimization. Forum posting means to participate in Forums and then put the links in the profile which is used for the participation. Many users also put the links in their signature of the replys that they post in the forum. There are many forums that have discussions on various topics. So the participants are replying actively on the discussions and they gain the credibility and increase the link building of their blog or website.

2) Blog Posting:

Blog posting is very similar to Forum posting, here links are posted in the comments of the blog. But you need to take care that the comment is set to do-follow, if it remains do-not follow then it is useless, as many search engines like Google and Yahoo! doesn't consider don't follow links.

3) Reciprocal Link:

A reciprocal link is share between two blogs or websites or between a blog and a website, by doing so they share and increase their traffic. For eg. if Mr. X has a website and don't have any reciprocal links to his website then he can request to Mr. Y, and by doing so he also have to put links in his website which will point to Mr. Y's Blog or website. And by this way they can achieve high page ranks which are very essential as far as search engines are concerned. Now a days Google and many other search engines don't give much importance to reciprocal link building as it not much relevelant to give ranks based on reciprocal links.

4) Resources Links:

Resource links are the most important way of link building and it can be either single way or both way. These links are very popular in SEO marketing and are also known as: Informations and Resources. These are the links which points to the content which is beneficial to the user and it is relevant to the user's requirement. Google Search engine gives very high importance to such kind of links.

5) Website or Blog Directories:

Website and blog directories have the lists of websites, which are very well organized and categorized. Many owners of such kind of website or blog charge us to list our website on their website. They maintain their directories to earn money.

6) Social Media Links:

Social media platform links are considered for social marketing and recently this kind of link building is getting more aggressive. Thanks to Youtube, Facebook, Google+, Blogger, Flickr, Orkut, Twitter, WhatsApp and many other such creative and innovative social site. These social websites can make your blog or website or video popular in a viral way. You don't have to put much efforts in marketing, just concentrate on your content. Rest you leave up to these wonderful sites.

I hope the above article helps you in increasing your knowledge about Search Engine Optimization and makes you understand the various ways of link building.