Monday, 26 August 2013

Google's Word Definitions

Google is just awesome for not only just searching on web, but for many other things too. And one of thing that I like most is getting the definition of any word, Google provides not only the meaning but also other information like the study of the origin of words and the way in which their meanings have changed throughout history, in other words the origin of a word and the historical development of its meaning.

So if you are not sure what that "word" means? You can use Google's Define syntax to find out. Simply type in the word define: word (substitute your own word) and you'll instantly be taken to a page of definitions, along with related topics and possible meanings.

Google also provides synonyms, examples of use, translation options, and even usage history. Elsewhere, you can also use voice search, too, making use of Google's pretty impressive text-to-speech tech. So I consider Google as the best online dictionary and this feature has made me to use Google much more than ever in the past.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Learn Developing Android Apps

Following are some best forums from where you can learn developing Android Apps from beginner to advanced level:

Start learning Android with the help of above forums' members, and also spent some time to teach others and solve there queries by participating on these good forums.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Set Timer in Google Search Webpage

You can set the timer in 's web page.

Have a look at the following link:

Put the following text in Google Search Box:

"set timer for 5 minutes"

Searching for above text will set your timer in Google, which is wonderful. Many of us have the habit of using Google more often in our daily life and this timer feature could be beneficial in various way. It's an effective way to create an alarm without installing any special software.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Best Alternatives for YouTube

If you are used to YouTube and want to know any other site like YouTube, then there are many. 

Here is the list of only few best sites which are considered as the best alternatives for YouTube:

Try some of these sites, and you will know better about them.

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Feedly RSS Reader Hidden Short Cut Keys

Feedly's success is growing because of the recent Google Reader's exit from this field. But there are many hidden short cut keys which are unknown to many users of feedly.

When you are logged in your feedly account in any browser, then just press ? and watch the non - hidden short cut keys which will make your feedly using experience better.

Here is the screenshot of it:

But the above list is not the complete list, so you can have a look at the following picture to get more short cut keys of feedly:

So you can note down the above list of all shortcuts, which are hidden from the feedly help menu. These shortcuts boost up the speed and makes the user much more comfortable to use it.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

List Of Best Cloud Storage Options

Cloud computing has completely changed our digital life. We are now able to access our personal data from anywhere and on any device.

First of all a quick description for those who don't know anything about cloud Storage. Cloud storage is a type of networked storage, in which the storage of files (files can be of any type, for example music, video, documents, etc.) is online. So it is possible to access any of your these files from any part of the globe. You just need to remember your user id and password of your account.

Following is the list of some of the best Cloud storage providers:

1) Google Drive:

Google Drive is one of the best cloud storage provider. Google Drive was launched in April 2012. Earlier Google used to provide online applications "Google Docs". And now Google Drive is home of Google Docs. So along with storing files in your Google Drive, you can also use these excellent applications including Google Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations and many more.

2) iCloud:

Apple's iCloud is also a good option to store your files online. It was launched in October 2011. It has more than 3 billion users (as on June 2013). It has replaced Apple's MobileMe service. iCloud is popular for it's data sync services for email, calendar, contacts, reminders, bookmarks, notes and many more. iCloud can sync data of iOS based devices and this can be done wirelessly.

3) DropBox:

DropBox is a Cloud Storage service provided by DropBox, Inc. It allows user file synchronization of files between user's device (computer / laptop / notebook / mobile ) and online server. DropBox allow users to create a folder on their device and then it automatically keeps this folder in sync. DropBox was founded by Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowsi in the year 2007.

4) Box:

Initially, Box was popularly known as It provides 5 GB of free storage for personal users. And its mobile versions are available on Android, iOS, Windows, WebOS, BlackBerry. It provides space to store files, and also to collaboratively work on these files. It allows 3rd party apps integration like Google apps, NetSuite and many more.

Comparing Google Drive, Box and Dropbox:

If we compare all of them, then my personal favorite is Google Drive and DropBox. I am used to work with Google Drive and I like working on Google Spreadsheets, Documents, Presentations and Google Sites. Integrating all these apps with one and another is fun to work. But if you are an Apple fan then I am sure you would go for iCloud. So, I would suggest you to try each one of these to know their performance and other utilities provided by them.

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Mozilla Launched Firefox OS

Mozilla launched mobile operating system, Firefox OS. It is going to be a web based operating system. Initially Mozilla wants to target first time users of any smart phone.

Initially Firefox OS would be seen on smartphones manufactured by Alcatel and ZTE. As of now it is launched in Europe and soon it will be available for the rest of the world.

Mozilla has invested several years in developing Firefox OS. It was a big challenge for Mozilla to step in this field. It would be tough for Mozilla to compete with companies like Google and Apple which are dominating the market with their mobile OS Android and iOS respectively.

Jay Sullivan, Mozilla Chief Operating Officer, in a press release was quoted saying: “The launch of Firefox OS marks an incredibly exciting time for the Web. Firefox OS powers the first smartphones built entirely on Web technologies and will stimulate an inspiring new wave of innovation for the Web, We are proud to deliver an experience for first time smartphone users that will delight them and really put the power of the Web in people’s hands.”

It would be great for users to have one more company and too Mozilla entering this emerging business of Mobile OS. It is surely going to increase the competition which will benefit the users, as more great apps would be invented and developed.

Saturday, 29 June 2013

How to effectively search with BING

Many of use Google as our default search engine and we are familiar with Google's searching techniques. But what if you want to search with some other search engine. In that case I think Bing is the best option. But many of us face difficulty to search with Bing as we are not familiar with Bing's searching techniques. So let me share how you can effectively search with Bing.

Following are some tips to effectively search with BING:
  1. Most important thing is you spell your word correctly, it is applicable to all search engines. And don't forget to leave a space between two words.
  2. Use keywords that you want to find in the websites that you are searching for.
  3. Using keywords "OR" and "NOT" will surely help you a lot. Use "OR" where you want results showing any of the keywords. For example if you search for "Jeans OR Pants", so this will display all the results either having Jeans or Pants.
  4. Try to use accurate keywords, because different keywords will return different results. For example, if you search for "steel" it will differ from "metal".
  5. Use double quotation marks for searching exact phrase or keywords. For example: "winner of world cup 2012".
  6. If you have more than one keyword in your search query, then always try to keep the important keywords first. By doing so, you will get better results. For example, searching for "fit blue jeans" will give you different results than "blue jeans fit" or "Jeans blue fit"
  7. And if you are not satisfied with the search results, then try the related searches at the left, this feature is very impressive and it delivers better results.

And you must also note the following points:
  1. Basic search are not case sensitive. That is results for "orange fruit" and "Orange Fruit" will be same.
  2. Words like "a", "the", "and" are not considered unless they are searched in using quotation marks.
  3. And if you want to search for date, then use the name of month as keyword instead of numeric value of month. That is search 1 January 2014 instead of 1-1-2014.
  4. You don't have to use "AND" keyword as all searches are AND searches.
  5. Limit of search keywords is 150 character including spaces.

All of the above mentioned tips may not work in your region or in your country.

Friday, 28 June 2013

Temporary Email Address

Many websites always asks for your email Ids to register with them. And if these sites aren't trust worthy then you feel uncomfortable to provide them your email Ids.

Many of us have more than one email address. And the most common reason for that is, we use other email Id for registering these non trust worthy sites. We try to keep our original email Id secure and want it to be safe.

If you wish to have an extra email Id for temporary purpose, you have to again fill up all the details and then to use this email Id for registering and confirming on these non trust worthy websites. All this seems to be a bit lengthy process. We even aren't sure, whether we are going to visit such sites again or not.

What if we can have a temporary email Id, that we can use for registering on these websites. And also having such email Id without remembering any passwords, that sounds good. Yes, you can have such a email Id on the website.

But there are many drawbacks of this Email Id. One is that you don't have any password, so any one can access any email Id. Also you can't use this email Id for sending emails, you can only receive emails on it. You can only receive text and no multimedia on it. And also if these emails remain for only 24 hours, after that these emails are auto deleted.

And the best thing is that you can quickly use this email for signing any website and you can have or or whatever you prefer.

So by using such email Ids you can keep your original email Id safe and secure. So no more junk and spam emails in your original email inbox.

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Interesting Facts About Google

Following are some of the interesting facts about Google that you should know:

1) Google home page is simple because of the fact that the founders didn't know HTML but they always desired a quick and good user interface.

2) One of the best feature "I feel lucky" is very rarely used and known by the users. But when Google tried to remove that button then it was noticed that users weren't comfortable with that, and the button was back at its position.

3) Google user's experience has improved a lot after the invention of spelling checker. That is "Did you mean..." feature. This was the major reason for the increase in user traffic.

4) People from Brazil just love to spend their time on Orkut. Orkut was the invented and got popular in many countries but now people are switching to Facebook or Twitter or Google+. But it is still popular in Brazil.

5) Google has the largest number of employees working as translators as compared to any other company in the world. And interesting fact is that they aren't aware of this, Google just monitors how these users interacts with the new user interface.

6) Google experiments the latest features with a small network, for example abc@example users will have a chance to get the experience of the latest features of existing apps or new apps.

7) Initially Google was going to be named as "Googol", but many investors found it as spelling mistake and requested to change it to "Google" to the founders.

8) Gmail was not launched for public for nearly two years. They found that there are six type of email users and Gmail was made for all.

9) Google takes feedback seriously and they do act according to it.

10) Google employees are encouraged to work on their own projects for more than 20% of their working time. Google News and Orkut are the outcome of such working model.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Best Products of Google

Following are some of the best products of Google:

( Following list is in random order )

Google Web Search
Google Calendar
Google Maps
Google Earth
Google News
Google Drive
Google Translator
Google Books
Google Blogger
Google Shopping
Google Offers
Google Mobile
Google Wallet
Google Reader
Google Photos
Google Videos
Google Finance
Google Play
Android OS
Google Docs
Google Scholar
Google Code
Google Alerts
Google Groups
Google Chrome
Google Glass
Google Toolbar
Google Cloud Print

And there are many more.
Here is the complete list:

Internet Browser Shortcut Keys

Almost many of us use computers in our daily life now. We do use computers in education, business, household work, entertainment, etc. And many of us have habit of using internet. We do visit Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Yahoo, Google and many such other cool social websites. And for visiting such sites we use Internet Browsers.

There are many internet browsers available as option, like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Internet explorer, Opera and many more.

These Internet browsers are very user friendly and very easy to use. And there are many shortcut keys which can be used to achieve quick results in less time. Here are some amazing shortcuts that everyone should know:
- Alt + D: Cursor will quickly go to address bar.
- Ctrl and '+': Zoom in the web page.
- Ctrl and '-': Zoom out the web page.
Ctrl C: Copy the selected Text or Multimedia.
Ctrl V: Paste the selected Text or Multimedia.
- Backspace key: Go back to the previous page.
Alt key + left arrow key: Go back to the previous page.
- F5: Refresh or reload a Web page.
- F11: Make the Internet browser screen full screen.
- Ctrl + B: Open your Internet bookmarks.
- Ctrl + F: Open the find box in the browser to search for text within that Web page.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Online Proofreading Tools

What exactly proofreading is?

Proofreading means to verify and check whether there is any mistake in the content of the text or art. It is the last stage before publication of the content. So you can realize the importance of it.

If you are blogger or content writer then you must be knowing the importance of proofreading. Good content, that is content without any mistakes or error, is very essential for getting more readers. And also on internet good and error free content is one of the best way for getting good amount of traffic on your blog or website. And to have such content you have to be a good proofreader or you can hire such proofreaders.

Now, have you ever thought, proofreading of your content can also be done online. Yes that's true, you can go through the following links of websites:

>>>  PolishMyWriting

>>>  GingerSoftware

>>>  SlickWrite

>>>  PaperRater

>>>  SpellChecker

Even though these sites are cool and must be tested and used, but manual proofreading is much more better than proofreading done by these coded web applications. As these are just machines and they don't provide accurate results. But I think everyone of us must be aware of such kind of wonderful websites which can be a very helpful at times. And I hope many of you will surely get benefit of knowing and using services of such sites.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Understanding Concepts of Link building

Link building can be done in several ways. We will list and discuss all these ways in detail.

Before starting our discussion let us know why link building is necessary for your website or blog.

Now as you are aware of importance of link building, lets see the different ways of achieving it:

1) Forum Posting:

Forum posting is very much popular for search engine optimization. Forum posting means to participate in Forums and then put the links in the profile which is used for the participation. Many users also put the links in their signature of the replys that they post in the forum. There are many forums that have discussions on various topics. So the participants are replying actively on the discussions and they gain the credibility and increase the link building of their blog or website.

2) Blog Posting:

Blog posting is very similar to Forum posting, here links are posted in the comments of the blog. But you need to take care that the comment is set to do-follow, if it remains do-not follow then it is useless, as many search engines like Google and Yahoo! doesn't consider don't follow links.

3) Reciprocal Link:

A reciprocal link is share between two blogs or websites or between a blog and a website, by doing so they share and increase their traffic. For eg. if Mr. X has a website and don't have any reciprocal links to his website then he can request to Mr. Y, and by doing so he also have to put links in his website which will point to Mr. Y's Blog or website. And by this way they can achieve high page ranks which are very essential as far as search engines are concerned. Now a days Google and many other search engines don't give much importance to reciprocal link building as it not much relevelant to give ranks based on reciprocal links.

4) Resources Links:

Resource links are the most important way of link building and it can be either single way or both way. These links are very popular in SEO marketing and are also known as: Informations and Resources. These are the links which points to the content which is beneficial to the user and it is relevant to the user's requirement. Google Search engine gives very high importance to such kind of links.

5) Website or Blog Directories:

Website and blog directories have the lists of websites, which are very well organized and categorized. Many owners of such kind of website or blog charge us to list our website on their website. They maintain their directories to earn money.

6) Social Media Links:

Social media platform links are considered for social marketing and recently this kind of link building is getting more aggressive. Thanks to Youtube, Facebook, Google+, Blogger, Flickr, Orkut, Twitter, WhatsApp and many other such creative and innovative social site. These social websites can make your blog or website or video popular in a viral way. You don't have to put much efforts in marketing, just concentrate on your content. Rest you leave up to these wonderful sites.

I hope the above article helps you in increasing your knowledge about Search Engine Optimization and makes you understand the various ways of link building.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

AdSense 10 Challenge

"Adsense 10 Challege" is going to begin from 25th June 2013.

You can register for it on the following link:

Following is the screenshot of the registration form:

Now fill in the details and then click submit, then you will see the following Page:

And following is schedule of this event, :
Adsense Team is going to host a Hangout on Air every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 11:00AM - 11:30AM PST until the end of the Challenge and will cover the topics listed below:

Week 1:
( 25th June 2013 to 1st July 2013 )
Welcome to the AdSense 10 Challenge
Week 2:
( 2nd July to 8th July )
Understanding Your Performance Reports
Week 3:
( 9th July 2013 to 15th July 2013 )
Optimization Opportunities
Week 4:
( 16th July 2013 to 22nd July 2013 )
Make Better Decisions with Google Analytics - part 1
Week 5:
( 23rd July 2013 to 29th July 2013 )
Make Better Decisions with Google Analytics - part 2
Week 6:
( 30th July 2013 to 5th August 2013 )
User Experiences: Understanding Your Users
Week 7:
( 6th August 2013 to 12th August 2013 )
User Experiences: Engaging Your Users
Week 8:
( 13th August 2013 to 19th August 2013 )
User Experience: Testing What Works Best
Week 9:
( 20th August 2013 to 26th August 2013 )
Mobile: The Time is Now
Week 10:
( 27th August 2013 to 2nd September 2013 )
Grow and Engage with Google+

For more information and to stay up to date on all things related to the AdSense 10 Challenge, join the "Learn with Google for Publishers" community on Google+, here is the link:

And following is the link for the first event:

Hope Google Adsense Team will make these events full of knowledge and wisdom. So now all of you join this is challenge and take full advantage of learning Google Adsense from Google Adsense Team itself.

Start writing and start earning

Many of us start writing as hobby or for earning money. People who write for earning money are struggling in their early days. As these people don't know how to maximize their earnings. All I can say is that you don't lose your hope in your writing ability.


Many people just copy the contents from others blog and paste on their website or blog, which is strictly not allowed. Copying contents will ban them from sponsors like Adsense and many other advertising programs. If you write consistently you will notice that your income will rise gradually and will keep earning the royalty of those articles for many years or may be for lifetime.

Many people also takes a bread from writing. And there are several reasons for that. Some of these reasons can be:
They think they have published enough articles.
They suffer from some injury, that is their health is not well.
They don't have enough time to spend on writing.
They don't have any topic to write.
They don't have enough audience or platform to prove their writing skills.

Whatever the reason may be, but my suggestion would be that you whatever you do, just do it with your 100 percent dedication. If you don't enjoy writing anymore then you are not going to give your heart in it and this will not produce a good content. So its better to follow your heart and work on something else.

May be if you want a little break from writing then you should just take a vacation before you start your next article or your next project. So after taking your break start your writing again with small amount of time daily or regularly (like one hour daily or three hours a week). I don't think everyone will spend more than 8 hours daily for writing. So instead make your time table according to your will and set your goals.

First of all you should think of what you are going to write. That is be clear with your topic and think about all the specification that you want to include in your content.  There are many topics that you can choose from like Insurance, Health topics like Cancer, Mesothelioma, and you can also search on internet and select your favorite topic. Here is some of the topics which may interest you:
Sports, Politics, Mobile phones, Cameras, Social Websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Orkut, Flickr, YouTube, Blogger, or on Computer Languages or on any new technology.

I have got the above list from one of my friend, he gave me this list and told me if I can write some rich content on these topics then it will make me earn a lot of money. But I think it isn't necessary that you have choose from these topics. You can write on whatever you want, you just have to be good with your content.

And after you have decided the subject of your writing then start writing just the main points about that subject and then elaborate it in detail. And after elaborating it try to check that you didn't make any grammatical or any other mistake in your content. If you follow these steps, I am sure you will achieve a huge success and you will also be able to earn more and more with your sponsors.

Monday, 17 June 2013

Get 1 TB on Flickr photo sharing service

Flickr is very popular for storing photos securely in the cloud. And one good news is that, Flickr now offers 1 TB (Terabyte) of free storage space, so now you can store for than 500,000 pictures having resolution of 6.5 megapixel. 

If we compare it with Google Drive and Dropbox which offer 5 GB and 2 GB respectively space of free storage then we realize that moving to Flickr (for photo storage) is much better option. Flickr offers 200 times more space but only one restriction and that is the size of a single picture should be less than 200 MB. But only professional photographers should be having that kind of requirement as they need to work with RAW format photo files. Where as many people like me which usually clicks photo with a digital camera having resolution of 12 megapixel will be happy to use the services of Flickr.

So now I can upload my whole collection of digital pictures to Flickr and even after doing so I think I will have hundreds of MB free and even if you have shortage of space then you can make another account of your spouse or your sibling. And the most important thing that I like about Flickr is that it also allows you to set your choice of privacy settings on your albums. So you can make search visibility of your pictures as “hidden” and thus no one else would be able to search or view your pictures stored on your Flickr account.

Now, you have options to upload pictures via a web browser or a desktop software. I usually prefer desktop software that is the official Flickr desktop uploader as I have more than hundred pics to upload at a time. So I cant afford to upload these pics via web browser as it needs attention every minute or so.

You also have drag and drop facility which is very easy to use. And also you have synchronization option available to automatic synchronize your pics on desktop and on Flickr account.

It would be nice if Google also offers 1 TB free of space in its product like Gmail or Picasa or Google Drive. As of now I am happy to stay with Flickr, but as I am a proud user of Google products, I am sure Google will soon provide some more space on cloud. Till then have fun with Flickr and keep uploading your valuable pics.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Understanding and analyzing of Adsense report

Google Adsense is one of the best program for earning money online. But if you recently activated your adsense account and you are unaware of how to read the report of Adsense which has various terms like CPC, RPM, CTR then read this article, which I am sure will provide you complete knowledge about adsense reports.

Many people are worried about their adsense results as they have very less income, and their main problem is lack of knowledge of this adsense report. So now let us have a look at these terms and let us try to understand each of them.

CPC (Cost per Click)
CTR (Click through Rate)
CPM (Cost per Thousand Impressions)
RPM (Revenue per Thousand Impressions)

CPC (Cost per Click):
Cost per click (CPC) completely depends on the Sponsors or Advertisers that how much they want to pay for a single click on their ads. It is not in your hand so you don't have to worry about high CPC.

CTR (Click through Rate):
Click through Rate (CTR) determines how often the users or your blog readers click your ads. CTR is the number of times a click is made on the advertisement divided by the total impressions (the times an advertisement was served). If CTR is too high then you must be aware that someone (who might be your competitor) is not click bombing on the ads on your blog.
CTR = ( Clicks / # of impressions, views, or queries) * 100%
For example,
Clicks = 10, Page Views = 500
CTR = ( Clicks / Page Views ) * 100%
CTR = ( 10 / 500 ) * 100%
CTR = 2%

CPM (Cost per Thousand Impressions):
Now let us throw some light on Cost per Thousand Impressions (CPM). Advertisers running CPM ads sets rate per 1000 ads served and pay each time their ad is displayed. As a publisher, you are going to earn each time a CPM ad is displayed to your webpage or blog and viewed by a user. CPM ads compete against cost per click (CPC) ads in Google ad auction, and among these two, the ad which is expected to earn more revenue for the publisher is displayed.

RPM (Revenue per Thousand Impressions):
Revenue per Thousand Impressions (RPM) simply means how much is the average revenue for 1000 impressions. RPM is calculated by dividing your estimated earnings by the number of your page views and then multiplying by it with 1000.
Page RPM = (Estimated earnings / Number of page views) * 1000
RPM is a commonly used number in advertising programs, and you may find it helpful for comparing revenue across different programs and channels.
Let us have an example to understand it more clearly:
If you earned an estimated $0.25 from 50 page views, then your page RPM would equal ($0.25 / 50) * 1000, or $5.00.

Ad RPM = (Estimated earnings / Ad impressions) * 1000
Page RPM = (Estimated earnings / Number of page views) * 1000
Query RPM = (Estimated earnings / Number of queries) * 1000

I hope now you can simply analyze your Google Adsense Report and I also hope it will help you to generate more income by making appropriate changes to your strategies. Best of luck with your Adsense and keep earning.

Saturday, 15 June 2013

How to get business from your website or blog

Most of us are aware of the role of content in marketing (that is internet marketing). So only designing and developing apps and website is not only the solution to get good business from online blog or website. Content must be unique and it should be clear to the users and users should have no problem to interact with the content of your website. We are now very well aware that content is king in online marketing. As content converts your readers into buyers or you can say it tries to fulfill your business goals.

Content of your blog or website makes your users or readers respond. Your blog must take care what exactly your customer is looking for.

Following are some suggestions for your business blog content and how it should be optimized to increase the conversion, and get much more from your internet marketing:

1. CTA (Call to Action):
CTA or Call to Action is very popular on internet for marketing. CTA means driving your blog readers to provide you some business and fulfill your goal. CTA can be for both either a service based or product based website. If your blog's CTA is good then you have more chances of conversion and leads. Blog should be like a news magazine which has rich content and rest you leave up for the ads, which gets you the business. Placing of ads on your blogs is also an important part of internet marketing. Many website owners believe that if they put big banner ads then they will get more leads but they are absolutely wrong. Readers or users don't like too much of ads. And also one should decide where to place your CTA, that is either in the header or footer or at the sidebar or inside the content.

2. Contact (Mobile) Number:

Placing your mobile number on your blog or website will increase the chances of getting you some good conversions. Many users or readers which want to give you business are willing to communicate quickly, so they prefer to call instead of email. So adding mobile number or any of your contact number will make it easy for users to contact you.

3. Live chat (Plugins):

Now a days many plugins are available that you can connect with your blog or website so that you can have quick and live chat with your users or readers. You can search for such live chat plugins and I am sure you will get many of those which are even free to integrate on your website.

4. Connect with Social Media:

Now-a-days many users or readers are so active on the social media, that you need to be more active and attentive on the role of marketing on social media. Marketing social media for your business is very easy and interesting. As marketing on it will surely play an important role in your marketing strategy. Some of these Social media sites are: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Youtube, Orkut, Blogger, LinkedIn and many more... Marketing on social media websites will grow your likes, fans and followers which will get you more business and more opportunities. And there are also many other advantages of using Social media for business. Many search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo are now taking social media into account to give the rankings. Even if social media fans and followers are not going to convert, it will help to spread news about your products and services to different people.

5. Some POP-UPS:

Bloggers and website owners use pop-ups in many different ways to achieve business goals. Many web browsers block these pop-ups but you may design your  few pop-ups and test it on all web browsers. Pops are very useful for content based blogs and websites. According to me pop-ups will convert more  visitors than the sites which don't have any pop-ups. Even though pop-ups are not liked as they disturb your users by showing unnecessary things which many of them might don’t want to see. But if there are only one or two pop-ups in your whole website then it might be okay for your valuable users.

6. Email Sign up:

Many bloggers and websites are having and maintaining a database of their current users or customers. And then these customers are targeted for getting business goals of the organization. Many of these customers are interested in getting information via e-mails. So now bloggers and website owners use such database to get information related to sign-ups. From such database they easily categorize their users based on their age, sex, location, etc..

7. Case Study:
Case study is very important and significant as it plays a major role to interact with the user’s mind. If customers are willing to invest hundreds of dollars they want to see your previous work and they judge you based on that work that is your portfolio. Case study make it clear that how your product or services are and how it had helped your clients. Make your case study as simple as possible and use some good images, audio, and video clips.And also make it in way that you can later share it on different social media websites, it will help you getting more business.

8. Testimonials:

Testimonials are also must for your websites or blogs, as it is short as compared to long case studies. Make sure testimonials are placed at the proper place. Testimonials will help your customers to get a quick review of your work.

9. Contact Us Page:

Contact us Page is the most important part of any business blog or website. It is the medium via which users can contact the website or blog owner. Readers use the contact us page to ask questions related to your product or site.

10. Trust Badges

Trust Badges provides your customers assurance that your website is completely secure and safe to deal with. Many people on internet have bad experience and they don't trust websites which don't have security certificates. So companies like McAfee, BBB, VeriSign, etc. provide your websites trust badges and which in turn gets you some good business.

So these were some of the most important things that you should take care of for getting more leads, sales, business from your blog or website. And also keep reading my other blog-posts, which I am sure will lead you to earn and learn more and more.

Alternatives for Google Alerts

If you want to know what online users have to say about you or your brand or even your products then you can use Google Alerts.
Have a look at the following screenshot:

Now look in the following screenshot as I have type "donate car" as a keyword in the search query box, you can see the website that have mentioned donate car have been displayed, that is so cool. You can search for anything that you are looking for.

Now we know that Google is continuously crawling the web. Google will send you an email alert the moment they find a news story or even if any web page that includes a mention of your name or brand. 

But problem with it is that the tool may not always work as advertised and also the other downside is that Google Alerts mostly ignores social media websites.

Following are some good alternatives to Google Alerts:

1) TalkWalker:
TalkWalker monitors your brand mentions on the social web or blogs and online discussion forums. TalkWalker also sends real-time email alerts and you can subscribe to the search results via RSS feeds as well. So that's why I like it more than Google Alerts.

A freemium alerts service that helps you can track brand mentions on Twitter, Facebook, blogs, forums, video websites and the public web. Mention offers a simple wizard-style approach for setting up alerts and you may also filter alerts from certain websites. When you sign-up for Mention, it will prompt you to download an app /extension but you can safely skip that step as the website has all the required features.

3) Infoxicate:
Most alerting services require you to specify keywords (like “california oranges”) and they monitor web pages for those keywords. Here you can setup “pings” for news you have been waiting for and it will send alerts when that happens. For instance, you can receive an alert when an Indian startup is featured in the New York Times or the Wall Street Journal. Or when Matt Cutts publishes a new blog post. Or when a new book by your favorite author is released. Or when your favorite music band is performing.

4) Newsly:
Newsly isn’t exactly an email alerts service but it can help track your contacts and friends when they are featured in blogs, online newspapers and websites. Sign-in with your Facebook or LinkedIn account and it will alert you whenever your friends make the news. You may also use Newle as an ego-monitoring tool for tracking mentions of your name on the web.

So now you would be able to track your product's searches and conversations. And doing that will make you grow your business and you will earn more.


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