Friday, 28 June 2013

Temporary Email Address

Many websites always asks for your email Ids to register with them. And if these sites aren't trust worthy then you feel uncomfortable to provide them your email Ids.

Many of us have more than one email address. And the most common reason for that is, we use other email Id for registering these non trust worthy sites. We try to keep our original email Id secure and want it to be safe.

If you wish to have an extra email Id for temporary purpose, you have to again fill up all the details and then to use this email Id for registering and confirming on these non trust worthy websites. All this seems to be a bit lengthy process. We even aren't sure, whether we are going to visit such sites again or not.

What if we can have a temporary email Id, that we can use for registering on these websites. And also having such email Id without remembering any passwords, that sounds good. Yes, you can have such a email Id on the website.

But there are many drawbacks of this Email Id. One is that you don't have any password, so any one can access any email Id. Also you can't use this email Id for sending emails, you can only receive emails on it. You can only receive text and no multimedia on it. And also if these emails remain for only 24 hours, after that these emails are auto deleted.

And the best thing is that you can quickly use this email for signing any website and you can have or or whatever you prefer.

So by using such email Ids you can keep your original email Id safe and secure. So no more junk and spam emails in your original email inbox.