Monday, 26 August 2013

Google's Word Definitions

Google is just awesome for not only just searching on web, but for many other things too. And one of thing that I like most is getting the definition of any word, Google provides not only the meaning but also other information like the study of the origin of words and the way in which their meanings have changed throughout history, in other words the origin of a word and the historical development of its meaning.

So if you are not sure what that "word" means? You can use Google's Define syntax to find out. Simply type in the word define: word (substitute your own word) and you'll instantly be taken to a page of definitions, along with related topics and possible meanings.

Google also provides synonyms, examples of use, translation options, and even usage history. Elsewhere, you can also use voice search, too, making use of Google's pretty impressive text-to-speech tech. So I consider Google as the best online dictionary and this feature has made me to use Google much more than ever in the past.