Wednesday, 3 July 2013

List Of Best Cloud Storage Options

Cloud computing has completely changed our digital life. We are now able to access our personal data from anywhere and on any device.

First of all a quick description for those who don't know anything about cloud Storage. Cloud storage is a type of networked storage, in which the storage of files (files can be of any type, for example music, video, documents, etc.) is online. So it is possible to access any of your these files from any part of the globe. You just need to remember your user id and password of your account.

Following is the list of some of the best Cloud storage providers:

1) Google Drive:

Google Drive is one of the best cloud storage provider. Google Drive was launched in April 2012. Earlier Google used to provide online applications "Google Docs". And now Google Drive is home of Google Docs. So along with storing files in your Google Drive, you can also use these excellent applications including Google Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations and many more.

2) iCloud:

Apple's iCloud is also a good option to store your files online. It was launched in October 2011. It has more than 3 billion users (as on June 2013). It has replaced Apple's MobileMe service. iCloud is popular for it's data sync services for email, calendar, contacts, reminders, bookmarks, notes and many more. iCloud can sync data of iOS based devices and this can be done wirelessly.

3) DropBox:

DropBox is a Cloud Storage service provided by DropBox, Inc. It allows user file synchronization of files between user's device (computer / laptop / notebook / mobile ) and online server. DropBox allow users to create a folder on their device and then it automatically keeps this folder in sync. DropBox was founded by Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowsi in the year 2007.

4) Box:

Initially, Box was popularly known as It provides 5 GB of free storage for personal users. And its mobile versions are available on Android, iOS, Windows, WebOS, BlackBerry. It provides space to store files, and also to collaboratively work on these files. It allows 3rd party apps integration like Google apps, NetSuite and many more.

Comparing Google Drive, Box and Dropbox:

If we compare all of them, then my personal favorite is Google Drive and DropBox. I am used to work with Google Drive and I like working on Google Spreadsheets, Documents, Presentations and Google Sites. Integrating all these apps with one and another is fun to work. But if you are an Apple fan then I am sure you would go for iCloud. So, I would suggest you to try each one of these to know their performance and other utilities provided by them.